Service Opportunities

The Connect Center is built on the principle of uniting the community through dedicated service from all walks of life. As such, we are always welcoming new volunteers into our ministry to be better equipped to serve the community. Service needs include hospitality workers, tutors, ESL and Adult Ed. teachers, check-in workers, security workers, and maintenance workers. For more information on how you can serve with us, please email

Prayer Requests and Other Needs

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools for any ministry, and we welcome it with glad hearts and minds. Some ways that you can pray for us are:

  • By praying for the director, the coordinators, the tutors, and volunteers.
  • By praying for the students who come for tutoring, ESL, and Adult Ed. classes.
  • By praying for the people of Canton, those that lead the city and for the area churches and schools.
  • By praying for more volunteers to come serve with us.

If you are interesting in serving with us at the Connect Center, please click the link to provide us with more information.

Romans 12:5 – “So also we are many persons. But in Christ we are one body. And each part of the body belongs to all the other parts.”